What is SpaceTime?

Spacetime is a community-operated makerspace focused on the creative manifestations of art, technology and science. It is a space for creation, sharing, collaboration, research and learning. It is located at the heart of Thessaloniki in Greece.

We provide a big variety of equipment, knowledge and collaboration opportunities through a wide range of activities such as artistic events, classes, workshops, seminars that encourage exploration and experimentation in various fields, such as craft, art, recycle, hardware, robotics and science.

Drop By...

You can drop by anytime, hang out, interact with other people, use our library, work on personal or group projects, use the equipment, attend a scheduled event or workshop, as well as host a new one. Spacetime is about learning and exploring, so there is a lot happening here!

How do we finance Spacetime?

We self-finance through one-time or recurring donations from members and non-members. We are now at the beginning of a big journey! There is still a lot to build and figure out for Spacetime. We still have a long way to go!

That's why if you are interested in our project, please consider supporting our work. Your donations will go entirely into funding the project helping us to cover research and development costs.