What is SpaceTime?

SpaceTime is a not-for profit community-operated makerspace focused on the creative manifestations of art, technology and science. It is a space for creation, sharing, collaboration, research and learning. It is located at the heart of Thessaloniki in Greece.

Our makerspace promotes active participation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among individuals in the community through the creative use of tools, technology, science, art, and social innovation. We provide training and lifelong learning opportunities for people to develop skills, and our focus is on exploring and solving real-world problems. Infrastructure is a crucial aspect of our makerspace, but the main element is its community. People can meet, socialise, and collaborate around a shared interest. Our makerspace has a specific work ethic: we believe in mutual help and trial and error. We aim to create an intellectually stimulating environment where people can gather to have fun while creating.

Through this work, we aim to create social change, with the aim of responding to society's challenges, make a positive impact in our community and seek to be responsible in terms of the environmental, social, cultural and economic sustainability of its projects.

We offer a diverse range of activities, including artistic events, classes, workshops, and seminars, all designed to inspire exploration and experimentation across a variety of fields. From crafting and art to recycling, hardware, robotics, and science.

Drop By...

We welcome you to drop by anytime and hang out in our friendly and welcoming environment. At SpaceTime, you can interact with other like-minded individuals, utilize our library, work on personal or group projects, and even take advantage of our equipment. With a variety of scheduled events and workshops, there's always something new to learn and explore. And, if you have an idea for a new event or workshop, we encourage you to host it here at Spacetime. We're all about creating a community of learners and explorers, so come join us!

How do we finance Spacetime?

We self-finance through one-time or recurring donations from members and non-members. We are now at the beginning of a big journey! There is still a lot to build and figure out for Spacetime. We still have a long way to go!

That's why if you are interested in our project, please consider supporting our work. Your donations will go entirely into funding the project helping us to cover research and development costs.